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Laser Removal

Tattoo * Pigmentation Removal * Age Spot Removal, Birthmark Removal * Freckle Removal * Black & Blue Nevus of Ota Removal * Semi Permanent Make-Up Removal * NEW Carbon Laser Skin Rejuvenation 

(also known as the Black Doll Facial)

Popular with many Celebrities

 Using the Allwhite3000 Nd Yag laser can safely and effectively remove tattoos, permanent make up, and skin pigmentation such as Nevus of Ota, age spots, sunspots and birthmarks. Tattoo ink particles are too large for the      body’s immune system to remove                                      naturally because when tattoo                                            pigment is injected into the lower                                        layers of the skin (dermis) it                                              becomes locked away by a wall of                                      collagen fibres. Q-switched lasers                                      produce very short bursts of high                                      energy laser light. The light is                                            absorbed by the large ink particles,                                    generating heat that shatters the                                      tattoo pigment into minute particles which the body is able to remove. Because the tattoo ink selectively absorbs the laser energy, the surrounding skin doesn’t overheat and there is no lasting damage.

Body Piercing
Body piercing has become a popular form of self expression for people throughout many age groups. Today, it continues to grow more & more popular & is no longer a practice limited to Long haired Hippies or Wrinkly rockers. Whatever the reason, piercing can be an exciting way to express yourself!

I offer a professional body piercing service. I'm qualified, experienced & registered to give you your perfect piercing. I aim to provide the very best quality piercing & aftercare. I also aim to make the process as pain free as possible. With a large range of jewellery before and after the piercing.


Piercings are performed in a hygienic private room, all jewellery, needles and tools are individually sterilised and packaged.

Removes all colours of tattoos * Suitable for all skin types

Non aggressive to skin

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