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Price List

The cost of any body piercing is of jewellery and when you come in I will show you your different options.

Everlasting Impressions does not condone the use of ear piercing guns on any part of the body other than ear lobes.  This is due to the gun not being able to hold the right jewellery, not being able to be sterilised correctly and these are just a few concerns.

Each person and body part is very unique and many times a different jewellery design needs to be used to ensure the success of your piercing, meaning your anatomy or lifestyle may not be suited for a ring or perhaps a disk back labret stud would be more comfortable than a barbell, etc, etc.  When you come in we will discuss which jewellery is best for you.

All piercings are placed with a TITANIUM bar or ring.  Surface piercings can be placed with PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) to accommodate for movement of skin.  After your piercing has healed, and only then, you may replace the jewellery with a Stainless Steel piece of jewellery or similar but be advised that Titanium is the better option. 

If a piercing is not listed then please ask.  If I can pinch it then I can pierce it!



Lobe x 1                             £15.00

Lobe x 2                            £20.00

Tragus                                £25.00

Anti - Tragus                £25.00

Conch                                 £25.00

Helix                                   £25.00

Forward Helix            £25.00

Rook                                    £25.00

Snug                                     £25.00

Flat                                        £25.00

Daith                                   £25.00

Orbital/Conch             £25.00

Scaffold                             £35.00

Industrial                        £35.00

Transverse Lobe       £25.00


Cheek x 1                        £25.00

Cheek x 2                       £45.00

Labret                               £25.00

Madonna                       £25.00

Medusa                           £25.00

Monroe                           £25.00

Bridge                              £25.00

Eyebrow                         £25.00

Anti-Brow                    £25.00

Bermuda/Gill            £30.00

Nose                                  £25.00

Tongue                             £30.00

Smiley/Webb             £25.00

Septum                           £25.00

All Bites                          £45.00

Other Piercings

Navel                                  £30.00

Nipple x 1                         £30.00

Nipple x 2                        £55.00

Hips x1                               £30.00

Hips x 2                            £55.00

Skin Diver                     £25.00

Dermal Anchor         £30.00

Collarbone                     £30.00

Nape                                    £30.00

Wrist                                 £30.00

Surface                             £30.00

Finger                                £30.00

Corset Ring each     £15.00 

Genital               From £55.00

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